$TITANO is now live on Stocktwits. We are now on the radar of over 6 million investors and traders.

Titano is a DeFi 3.0 project that has created the Titano Autostaking Protocol TAP, as the foundation for its next generation DeFi products and services including to $Titano token.

TAP makes Titano products easy to use, safe, and highly profitable for Titano token holders. Now we are Turning on the TAP.

  • The $TITANO token has the highest fixed APY in DeFi. 102,483%
  • Titano is the easiest Autostaking auto-compounding token in crypto. Just hold in your wallet and get rewards. We call it Buy-Hold-Earn.
  • Titano pays fixed rebase rewards every 30 minutes / 48 times per day.
  • The Titano website has an app that let’s you track your current rewards and calculate your future rewards.

Also there are no lockup periods for the tokens, sell whenever you like.

❇️ What is the $TITANO Token?

The $TITANO Token is an elastic token which through a positive rebase formula allows $TITANO holders earn staking rewards just by holding the token. The token is autostaking and auto-compounding.

❇️ How much is the APY generated?

Titano offers the HIGHEST FIXED APY in DeFi 102,483.58% which is a daily ROI (Daily Return of Investment) of 1.8999%. This ROI compounds automatically.

❇️ How the APY is sustainable?

The elevated interest is sustained by the RFV (Risk Free Value) which receives fees from the token trading volume. A percentage of these fees is dedicated to create a collateral value for the generated APY which backs the Positive Rebase.

❇️ How do you earn Interest without Staking?

When you buy the $Titano token it is automatically staked right in your wallet. We offer $Titano holders a simpler way to receive staking rewards. Simply Buy-Hold-Earn!

❇️ Quick Titano Facts:

  • The $Titano Token is on BSC Smart Chain.
  • Token has an elastic supply.
  • We have more than 18.000 wallet holders in 40 days.
  • We are audited with Solidity Finance and currently under audit by Certik.
  • We have more than 25,000 people in our social media and growing fast.
  • We have completely upgraded our Website and White Paper.
  • Our roadmap includes lots of exciting projects including a Web 3.0 mobile app, Titano P.L.A.Y. and Gaming, NFTs and Metaverse projects.

🟦 Titano Links:
🌎 Linktree: https://linktr.ee/titano.finance

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