I was scrolling through twitter and came across the one and only Arturo Román (Money Heist) 😲 doing a shoutout for a new project called TipsyCoin that’s launching in Q1 2022. I mean, besides being the dude that everyone loves to hate 😂, he is pretty into the crypto scene and even supported cool projects like Axienomics before they launched.

I decided to check out what TipsyCoin was about and I was pleasantly surprised! The project is HUGE as they are launching their own metaverse, called the TipsyVerse, with VR/AR integration, which would be a world that simulates social interaction and having a good time with your friends. 🙌 As Arturo mentioned, the founders envision virtual interaction as the next step in technology to satisfy our human need for social interaction in the increasingly isolated world because of covid and the rise of remote work arrangements.

TipsyVerse will enable you to hang out with your friends and play minigames like skiing, racing, surfing, sight see, or trade nft skins, land, houses and other collectibles. There’s so much to like about it, and down to the very clever tokenomics, it’s a robust and well-thought-out project. There’s simply so much potential, and it’s a good thing that I got to know about TipsyCoin this early (THANK YOU ARTURO, I HATE YOU LESS NOW).

Will TipsyVerse be the default place to chill with your friends?🏄

I have to say that the TipsyCoin team is 100% spot on as their focus is in making TipsyVerse an actual FUN place to hang out (something that I think is lacking in 99% of the projects out there). Having a space to chill with your friends and the option to play casual, fun games, reminds me of the simpler times when me and my friends would come over to each other’s house and play mario kart, super smash bros or board games in the living room till late. The core concept is bulletproof, and I get the sense that TipsyVerse is going to be the place to be in.

I’m frustrated because with all the hype around metaverse projects, people are forgetting the most important thing that your metaverse NEEDS to be fun and exciting so that people willingly spend time in it. Decentraland and Sandbox are all over the news because of the money with people investing millions in land because of speculation. I’ve tried playing the game but I honestly don’t think it’s enjoyable – I also don’t see much streams on twitch to tell me that people are actually engaged in the game.🤷‍

Attention and cultural relevance will make this a commercial success 💲💲💲

The simple fact is that Attention = $$$ in today’s economy. Think of Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, and other big entertainment companies of Web 2.0. They’ve built an app that people willingly spend their free time idling away on. With this, they made billions from brands that advertise their products to the masses. They heavily invest in the algorithms to keep people entertained for longer periods of time so that they earn more money. This is not going to change in Web 3 and that’s why the ability to command attention should be the number 1 thing you look out for when assessing a project, and that’s why I think something like TipsyVerse is going to go places.

I believe that only with genuine attention would there be a real utility, and I think that projects like TipsyVerse are also going to be the platform where advertisers want to be in. Imagine Burberry or Louis Vuitton organising a virtual fashion show for the global audience in game. 😎😎

TipsyVerse is also taking steps to be culturally relevant. Besides minigame areas and sightseeing opportunities, I like that they will also feature alternative settings like casinos, virtual bars, clubbing, concerts, and the opportunity to meet, greet, and hang out with your favourite celebrities. The VR integration with industry leading hardware like Oculus and HTC vive should take the experience to a completely different level and people are going to spend so much time on it. Think about it – if you’re staying halfway across the world, being in the same room with Pharrell isn’t possible, but with this, you can even go for a virtual skydiving trip – with random small talk included 😅.

Backed by solid tokenomics that passively rewards you for holding! 💰

Utility aside, the TipsyCoin on its own has decent tokenomics to support the growth of the project. The idea is that they want people to hold and watch their investments grow in the long term as the TipsyVerse develops, so they are building a hyper-deflationary mechanism that will run automatically with smart contracts. Basically, there’s no tax for buying the token, but a 10% tax when selling. Of which, 4% goes back as rewards to existing holders, another 4% towards a fund that will buyback and burn TipsyCoin when there’s downward trends, so as to cushion price dumps, and the last 2% towards sustainability efforts (they’ve been saving penguins) and future developments.

The project is so promising and I’m excited to be part of the TipsyVerse. The team looks like they got the formula right, the tokenomics are great, they’ve been helping charitable causes, they are liquidity locked for 5 years, there’s no presales (no minute zero dumping) and they are Certik audited . It’s gonna be a long-term bag for me and I want to be early for the launch.

LFG! 📈🚀🚀🚀

Be early for the launch!

Website: https://tipsycoin.io/hk09

Telegram: https://t.me/tipsycoin

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TipsyCoin

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