There are currently approximately 100 million blockchain wallets out there. This is an extremely small amount considering that is only 1.28% of the 7.8 Billion people we have on earth. The $2.2 Trillion Crypto market is extremely undervalued. In the future when digital currencies start gaining ground and you count inflation, tens of trillions in market cap are completely feasible.

Remember, market cap doesn't reflect the amount of money invested in Crypto, it just multiplies the current market price with circulating coins. Just because the market cap is high, does not mean Crypto does not have more room to grow.

Let's say someone tries to acquire $10 Billion in Bitcoin, exchanges feel the pinch and start raising the prices accordingly, the new raised price for each Bitcoin is going to multiplied by the entire circulating amount and raise the market cap by hundreds of billions, if not more.

A good explanation would be Fiat, according to estimates, all the U.S money in circulation is worth 6.6 trillion U.S. dollars. Yet, the USD market cap exceeds 21 Trillion dollars. The market cap of all Fiat in the world is over 123 Trillion USD. Crypto has huge potential, and a 2.2 Trillion market cap for Crypto is still very undervalued.

TLDR: Yes, we might not be early compared to people in 2010, but being the first 1% to adopt Crypto is still very early. Crypto still has the untapped potential of the 99%, and in that sense we are indeed early as we have tens, if not hundreds of trillions to go.

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