I heard you lot like to DCA so I made a DCA bot that can do it for you

The tool is written in Python and aims to solve, what I consider to be two main issues when DCAing:

  • It enables you to select any number of coins and the interval you wish to DCA automatically
  • It provides detailed performance reporting for each coin DCAd.

I always found it strange that some exchanges don't seem to allow you to easily see your average buy price for all of the buys of a particular asset. That would have helped me a lot in figuring out if my DCA strategy is the right one or whether I need to adjust something.

I think some of you experienced the same issue, so I created this tool to help with that, as well as automate your DCA.

The tool will store the price of each DCA and plot this in a graph for each coin you are DCAing. It will also provide you with your average buy price by taking into account all the orders on any asset you give it, and will generate a png file that will allow you to see how your strategy is doing at a glance.

Here are some examples, below I'm simulating a DCA every 7 days but I altered the script to do it every 7 seconds just to verify that the reporting works as expected:



The whole point of DCA is keeping track of your average buy so these graphs plot each order (X axis) and the buy price for each (y axis).

I included a test mode so you can just play around with it if you want.

Here's how I actually built the tool for those interested in the development process


If you like the idea, here's a step-by-step guide on how to set it up:


And last but not least, here's the source code for transparency:


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