I am not sure if it has always been like that and I haven't noticed, but to me crypto people seem increasingly cultish. Some examples (I am absolutely not talking about everyone in crypto, but about a large, vocal share of crypto people):

  • there are cult leader/ messiah figures. Those leaders are regarded as omniscient and can do no wrong. One could see crypto as multiple religions that are related, but not the same – for example BTC folks see Satoshi (an unknown, mystical figure) as the messiah, while ETH people think Satoshi was an important prophet, but Vitalik is the true messiah. There are holy scriptures, called whitepapers.
  • there are priests (other leading figures in the movement, youtubers like Benjamin Cowen) that perform ancient rituals and make prophecies that have absolutely no logic behind them and seem weird to outsiders (technical analysis). The believers trust them blindly.
  • beliefs matter much more than facts. Cultists know their coin will succeed, so they interpret everything about it as positive. If there is cognitive bias because there is some negative news, they just say it's FUD.
  • crypto cultists won't stop talking about their religion and will always try to convert others to it. Others, who aren't part of the cult yet, just haven't understood why it's so great yet and will for sure join once they understand. For this reason, many outside the cult think they are weird, try to avoid them, and regard the cult as negative, even if they don't know anything about it.

I could go on – and I think this is problematic. Because of stuff like that, many outsiders think crypto is strange and just for weirdos – hindering it from going completely mainstream. Can't we just regard blockchain as some interesting technology and crypto as a financial asset instead of treating it like a religion?

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