A hot wallet was used for the NFTs. This is a kind of crypto software wallet that is always connected to the internet. Although this can be very useful to use for crypto exchanges or such NFT galleries, among other things, it does carry some risks. For example, hot wallets are more sensitive to hacks. This hot wallet has also reportedly been accessed via a phishing scam. In this way, the hackers could send all digital objects from the hot wallet to their own addresses. The consequence? Approximately €2 million in NFTs gone. Although they are now frozen, it remains to be seen whether the rightful owners will ever see the NFTs again. Right now i am bullish on a few projects like: Rise up and Spores. Im very glad I've found them. DYOR! However, the fact that OpenSea can freeze this has not led to a positive response from everyone. Various traders call this a lack of decentralization and therefore disapprove of it. Decentralization therefore plays a major role for many crypto traders and enthusiasts. Various reactions were therefore posted on Twitter. For example, it would be anti-crypto to ask third parties to do this.

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