For the first im not any professional crypto analystic but have made some knowledge through many dips and learned how to easily read what the charts are saying because those are the only way to possibly predict.

  1. Constant higher lows for five months.

Jul 29k

Aug 37k

Sep 39k

Oct 43k

Nov 59k

  1. Currently BTC is confirming a higher low. The last low after the bull run to the new ATH was ~58.8k. Currently BTC is not dipping under the 59k mark signaling the next run will have a even higher low.

  2. Compared to the higher low we also had a higher high of 69k.

  3. BTC shuffled off panic sellers with its "large" – 8%. Through that the greed index likely decreased and that's always necessary to go for the next rally.

  4. BTC tends to make large pumps after some flash crashes. For example during Sep no one was even thinking of a ATH in Oct. But BTC did what it had to.

  5. This may be a bit off the topic but also Plan B has holded on to his 98k prediction even after the recent dip began.

  6. Q4 has always been the most bullish for BTC.

  7. A Spot ETF may be on the way. That's significant as people would actually buy BTC with it meaning that the money flow will drastically increase. Last time just the hype of the Futures ETF made BTC soar. This time its the hype and the ETF itself.

Your welcome for the hopium.

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