Upcoming Coin: $ARCHA 50% done with 9 MONTH Roadmap in 8 WEEKS

I’ll let the team do the talking in the picture linked below, but first let me give my two cents as to why this is a great opportunity to get into Archangel (Not why it is a great project… I’ll lead you to the resources to form your own opinion links below)

  • This project is 8 WEEKS old
  • There are 4k hodlers only
  • Every transaction made with ARCHA has a 6% transaction fee
    • 2%of every transaction gets burned (deleted) making hodler’s coin value go up over time
    • 2% of every transaction gets redistributed to the hodlers
    • 2% goes to charity

– The team has a 9 MONTH roadmap which they have 50% completed in 8 WEEKS

If you find this project to be promising, NOW is the time to get in. Of course do your due diligence and please just take a look at least… This is really an amazing team and project being built here.

ARCHA whitepaper: https://archangeltoken.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/ArchAngel-Token-Whitepaper-v2.pdf

CoinmarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/archangel-token/


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