Low Market Cap at 150k, Tokyo Moon aims to create the next big DEX for the BSC network. Based dev team has been working around the clock since launch, this is a legit utility token. Live demonstration of Dex in Telegram!

The team has connections in the space, and big promotion was deployed at launch. Tweeted by Travladd & Crypto Charizard, Pinned in Caesar, Achilles, Mr. Beans, Crypro Prod, Multiple Chinese call groups, lots more marketing to come with DEX deployment as new features are added.

TokyoMoon is building a customized Dex, with the first release providing swapping and liquidity coming in Phase one. Shortly after we will be growing our development team and adding custom features similar, yet different, to what PancakeSwap and SushiSwap have done.

The token will serve it's use case from inside our Dex, as well as act an entry for people that want to invest and become early adopters for the project.

We have designed the coin to be low tax, and stayed away from the Reflection/Reward nonsense that is constantly being pushed.

We have an 8% total tax on buy/sell that is split evenly between Liquidity and Marketing.

We have locked a 20% wallet for 1 month, which will allow us to add more to the liquidity when necessary, as well as allow to be listed easier on exchanges in the future, and provide some base liquidity for the Dex.

βœ… 8% LOW TAX

βœ… Stealth launched with huge promotion, more to come upon DEX feature releases

Join the TG! Dev and team are all on VC hosting an AMA session right now!

☎️ Tg : https://t.me/tokyomoonofficial

🌐 Website : https://tokyomoon.digital/

πŸ“ˆ Chart : https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x31316d921793861cc7c79c04ad0b36dc830947f3

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