Strong inu is the new hero in the dark metaverse, deployed on ETH our project is just starting

The team has been hard at work building this project for months after getting rugged on numerous other projects. This is a true long term project. Strong inu is launching next week, with 400 active and strong members in its TG channel.

The project already had a private sale, but there will be more ways to get a whitelist spot for yourselves.


Private sale tokens will have vesting on them.

No sales for 24 hours

8-10% a day until finished

% does not roll over to the next day


On buys:

-4% marketing

-2% liquidity

-1% development

On sells:

-4% marketing

-2% liquidity

-2% development

Sales in the first 24 hours will be subject to double sale tax.

This is a high quality, complete project, launching on ETH next week (not an usual BSC meme coin or rug pull shitcoin) and is set to moon given recent moons in the ETH altcoin market. Come check out the TG channelto learn more about this ETH gem.

Join our telegram:

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