SafeEarn started from humble beginnings, innovating right off the block and creating something a community of crypto enthusiasts and investors believed in. A brief history includes creating the first token to reflect in another reflection token, SafeMoon, a relaunch into a v2 token, and literally inventing a staking platform that defies the laws of passive income with a bit of imagination. This history enabled SafeEarn to grow into what it is today — a central hub for utilizing tokens for profit in the form of partners, speculation, and rewards.

The initial vision for SafeEarn has changed, time and time again to ebb and flow with the market conditions. What has ultimately emerged has been a monumental success, but to continue thriving in a bull market with contingencies for success in a bear market, the token must evolve and upgrade to best provide this. Upgrading SafeEarn into EarnHub means we will launch a new token with better features.

The Upgrade

The SafeEarn Upgrade will be a seamless move that will enable EarnHub to be everything the team has ever dreamed it to be. There are MANY new features that will come with this upgrade, but the most important thing to know is why we are upgrading and how it will affect your holdings.

Creating the new token will bring holders and the team significant benefits. The first is future proofing the contract by enabling bridges to other blockchains, open development that can be both modular and configurable, and of course, optimized far beyond anything done before.

We’ve had the idea for upgrading SafeEarn into EarnHub ever since we became aware of the power of our community. We knew what was needed to better serve them in both utility and opportunity, so we designed features to accommodate. When SafeEarn initially launched it was not written with RBLO staking in mind or changing/removing native reflections in SafeMoon. It required a specific drive to inject those features into the contract, but ultimately what it created was something that became difficult to manage and continue expanding on. Conflicts in the code became apparent as we began developing the future of the token, and having a new token became a necessity.

The presale for EarnHub will go live on the dApp Nov 22.

The Features

With our new contract, our ability to create new features to increase your earnings is limitless. By being modular, EarnHub can adjust, add, or remove features as needed based on usage or demand. This was always intended with SafeEarn, but through EarnHub it can finally be realized. Every new development will make the EarnHub ecosystem cemented in interacting with the dApp, our core and proprietary offering to all holders.

A few of our day 1 improvements and new features:

  • AnyFlect: Use the dApp to enter a contract and select ANY token on the BSC to be rewarded in for holding
  • Modular BuyBack System: Allows the Moonshot buyback system to select different trading strategies for buying and burning tokens
  • Referral System: Using the Swapper, newly referred buyers can get a reduction in buy taxes. Those taxes are then rewarded to the referring holder in the form of EarnHub tokens.
  • Presale Platform: Finally live, the platform will be ready for its first presale, which will make EarnHub a stakeholder in the success of the token alongside new investors
  • Re-Invest: The platform will allow any RBLO tokens to be re-invested with one click back into EarnHub.
  • Fiat to EarnHub Gateway: Using any form of digital payment, you can purchase EarnHub tokens directly with fiat and add to your holdings.
  • Earning Dashboard: View your earnings and stats all in one place — predict your potential profit with the calculator and get a zoomed-out view on how to optimize your takeaway.

The new features listed here are our most bullish developments yet, designed to reward holders and incentivize buyers for consistent buy pressure against sell pressure. These initial features will be ready to go right at launch for you to engage with and optimize earnings on.

Beyond these day 1 developments, there is a team roadmap on a bi-weekly basis to release additional developments, including LP staking to earn EarnHub tokens, and an automatic diversifier pool. Our first presale will go live in a few days after launch as well.

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