$PRYZ are pleased to announce that on the 20th of November it will be relaunching on the MATIC network and becoming a full time launchpad. Holders will be in with the chance of getting whitelist spots for all future incubator projects as well as being able to earn rewards on the upcoming PRYZ farm.

What is a launchpad?

Traditionally, the purpose of a Cryptocurrency launchpad is to provide opportunities to retail investors — giving them early access to cryptocurrency projects before they enter into the mainstream. It is also the responsibility of launchpads to do their due diligence and vetting in order to filter out scams and rug-pulls.

What makes PRYZ different to a traditional launchpad platform?

PRYZ aims to establish itself as one of the leading incubators for blockchain & fin-tech companies in the U.K. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs bridge their current ventures, and visionary ideas onto the blockchain in a safe and secure manner.

Our vision is to revolutionise the IDO format and empower our holders with guaranteed access to the most exclusive opportunities available on any blockchain. No lottery, no luck required, if you meet the entry criteria you are whitelisted.

Recently incubated projects include $NUTSG which made holders a 10x at its peak. The latest project to work with $PRYZ is $LIQ Liquidus.Finance which has gone on to over a 30x from the pre sale price.

PRYZ are already in talks with future incubators, due to be announced after the launch on the MATIC network has taken place.

Liquidity will be added to Quickswap on the 20th of November. Join the community now to get up to speed with all things PRYZ.


Supply – 1bn Tokens

20% – Circulating Supply

20% – Team locked for 12 Months

30% – Strategic Private Sale Vested for a 5 month period with 20% unlocking each month

10% – Initial Liquidity

2% – Air drop protocol

8% – Farms and Pool Rewards

5% – For Future VC Strategic Sales

5% – CEX Listing LP

Useful Links

Website – pryz.io

Medium – https://pryztoken.medium.com/

Telegram Community – https://t.me/PRYZ2_bot?start=r0567683283

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