If you didn't hear. Polygon just announced their STARK-Based Ethereum compatible roll-up. This is IMO. The biggest announcement the blockchain has seen in a very very long time. So much that Vitalik himself has stated that this is the scalable future of Ethereum. Incredibly bullish stuff here.

While Solana is lying about it's supplies twice and committing fraud. Polygon has is commiting 1 billion dollars towards ZK research and has hired the Facebook ZK team. Facebook is now working with Polygon. How is this not the most bullish thing you've ever heard?

I think all of this proves that Polygon is serious about what it's doing. What it's doing is consistently bringing us cutting edge technology. This and Polygon Nightfall, their privacy based rollup is going to set Polygon as an INDEX for all Ethereum scaling solutions. They are going to be the absolute gold standard. Especially when it comes to Zero-Knowledge roll-ups. They are leading the charge.

A lot of misconception I've been seeing is that Polygon is just one chain. They're not. It's an immaculate suite of scaling solutions that has everything one could need.

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