Figure 1. Cake Monster Investment Objectives

ALL SIZE OF INVESTORS benefits in cake monster ($monsta).

  1. Large/Medium Investors. As the "vault" grows, the share of the large/medium investors also grows and becomes substantial. They are comparable to major stockholders in a corporation or those holding with large to medium percentage of the total circulating supply.
  2. Small/Micro Investors. Their share may seem to be immaterial, but their objective is not primarily connected to the vault instead to the $monsta price just like other token. As the "vault" grows, floor price increases which gives high degree of confidence that the price will always bounce through time.


Just a span of 17 days, the vault almost doubled (refer to figure 2 & 3) its content ($cake token). It is divided to all $monsta holders in proportionate to their holdings.

  1. 25% of incremental increase is distributed when supply deflates by 1% as a result of burning.
  2. The remaining 75% will be distributed when the supply reached 1 million or after 2 years (started On June 17, 2021) whichever comes earlier.

Figure 2. Vault as of Nov. 1, 2021

Figure 3. Vault as of Nov. 17, 2021 14:35 UTC


Due to the increase of the accumulated/deferred dividend in the vault which adds up to the value of $monsta tokens, pumps are being supported and stabilized. The is being proven by pumps (refer to figure 4) happened in just 5 months.

Figure 4. Previous Pumps







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