Hello everyone.

I have some trading bot up and running using the Binance Api since 7-8 months. It is an "holding" strategy, so it doesn't execute a lot of daily operation but 1-2 every months.

I love the DeFi world so I would like to implement the same strategy using a DEX.

I have mainly 2 questions:

  • Which blockchain do you suggest? -> I looked at Solana, Avalanche e Polygon because of fees and ideally I would like to support different chains.
  • How can I handle the fees? -> I trade cryptocurrency paired with stable coin so I am used to pay the fee using the traded coin. (E.g. Swap on Binance BTC / BUSD -> Pay fee with BUSD vs Swap on DeFi BTC / BUSD -> pay fee with MATIC)

Thank you in advance

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