Harmony (ONE) is a decentralized blockchain-based platform, built to solve the issues of delivering both scalability and decentralization. It offers tools and functionalities for creating, hosting, managing, and using dApps.

There are plenty of compelling reasons as to why Harmony should be part of your portfolio (and its currently on sale) , here are 5 to get you started:

  1. Speed & Fees

Harmony one boasts an average speed of 2,000 TPS, but can reach a maximum of 24,000 TPS. To put this into perspective, ETH allows for 15-20 TPS and Polkadot can process up to 1000TPS.

Gas fees are often between 0.000001 to 0.000021 ONE per transaction. We know the state ETH is in right now with gas fees

  1. Effective Proof of Stake (ePos)

Harmony ONE's Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) is the first staking mechanism in a sharded blockchain that achieves both security and decentralization. EPoS allows staking from hundreds of validators and the unique effective stake mechanism reduces the tendency of stake centralization.

This effectively helps solve the scalability and security issues found with Ethereum as well as greatly helping to reduce centralisation.

  1. Bridges & Integrations

The launch of Horizon, an ETH-ONE cross-chain bridge. With others being launched or in the pipeline, including bridges with; BITCOIN, POLYGON & COSMOS.

Harmony has also integrated with BAND PROTOCOL to implement a scalable and secure blockchain for dApps, as well as integrating with CHAINLINK, announcing that Chainlink’s decentralised oracle is going to launch on Harmony ONE. In addition, ONE and ANKR are also working together to develop dApps on the cloud using IoT technology and artificial intelligence.

  1. The Team

Harmony was founded, developed and is run by an experienced team of engineering experts and academic researchers.

Stephen Tse – founder and CEO, his experience compromises of the top software giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft

Rongjian Lan – Co founder and CTO, and experienced programmer who has worked with several bug companies including Google.

Leo Chen – Experience in leading a team of engineers at Amazon Web Services

  1. The Future & its Roadmap

Cross Chain bridges as touched upon above – inc. BTC, POLYGON, COSMOS

Integration with ChainLink Mainnet

Cross Chain NFTs – Bridge collectables to and from OpenSea

The full launch of the 1Wallet – up to 20%APY – Integration with Apple Pay and Bank Wire

Cross shard transactions

Decentralised Nodes

See the full road map and more info – https://harmonyone.notion.site/Strategy-Roadmap-on-Adoption-6e5c5d6fcfbc459aa02f659e39d00f9e

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