The first investment as a service token on the BEP20 network,

What is DCIP?

Decentralized Community Investment Protocol (DCIP) is the first investment as a service (IaaS) and fully decentralized investment fund token on the BEP20 Binance Smart Chain network, which unlike the competitor tokens on the same network, DCIP holds real-world use cases making it unique – and these real use cases are not limited to the BEP20 network either, which benefit from the expanding Blockchain opportunities. DCIP’s Features In short, the main features worth highlighting is the following:  First IaaS offering a fully decentralized investment fund on the BEP20 BSC Network.  Community voting for decentralized investment decisions.  Investment rewards in the forms of BNB or BUSD, acting as a passive income for token holders.  Punishment taxes for sales within 24 hours of holding, as well as anti-whale measures to deter negative influence. Besides being the first IaaS token on its respective network, DCIP’s platform will also feature a unique fully decentralized voting option in their smart contract, conceptualizing the notion of decentralized investments that makes the token unlike others. With built in voting in the smart contract, this ensures that all decisions with regards to what DCIP is invested in are community led decisions. In addition, DCIP’s investment horizon is not limited to cryptocurrency investments – the community could choose to invest in real estate, for example – offering real world investments. An individual’s DCIP token balance directly represents their share of the voting power and cut of the profit, the profits or rewards from investments of which will be paid in either BNB or BUSD. DCIP also features punishment taxes that reward HODLing, applying a 7% tax on sales made within 24 hours of holding. Furthermore, an additional feature is the inbuilt anti-whale policy in the smart contract, setting a maximum transaction amount – capped at 0.1% of the total supply. These two features suggest strengthened safety nets compared to other cryptocurrency tokens.

What is the goal of DCIP?

The main goal of DCIP is to give investing power back to ordinary individuals by decentralizing investments, removing the need for predatory hedge funds, investment bankers and alike. This goal can be observed in the inbuilt features of the token, such as the community-led investment decisions

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