CRO currently sitting at a $12.415 Billion Market Cap

BUSD currently sitting at a $13.068 Billion Market Cap

It seems the race is on for the top ten… and if the market remains bullish I can see CRO slowly but surely catching up with Binance's BNB. If and when that happens, we will likely see a $3-$4 CRO and a lot of happy holders.

Trading volume on the app has been slowly rising all year, but the real catalyst for sustained growth and CRO price inflation will be CDC VISA Card uptake and the necessary six month CRO staking locks and the launch (supposedly still Q4) of the Exchange in the USA.

Given the successful launch of the Cronos Blockchain, the Staples deal and Matt Damon, the forthcoming holiday season and a fuckton of sporting partnerships and global sponsorships, the only way is likely up.

NFA/DYOR and enjoy the gains.

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