Panda Patrol NFT is a project designed to optimize passive income as well highly generous rewards, free airdrops of cypto tokens and future NFTs for ALL their holders. This would include a community wallet that could reach the size of $200'000 and would be fully up to the holders to decide on which methods they think are the best to award them. Along with an amazing rewards system we will be giving out $1000s of dollars to random holders and donating over $50'000 towards helping endangered animals. Lastly upon sellout, they will reveal their collaborations with some of the biggest metaverse names to ultimately create a jungle where you could inhabit your pandas. See below for HUGE giveaway!


– Join discord server down below

– Achieve level 15 in activity rankness


– The First person with the u/Godly Panda (Level 15+) role will receive 0.5 SOL and a FREE Panda Patrol NFT

– The 2nd – 3rd highest ranked members with the role of u/Family Panda (Level 10) or higher will receive a FREE Panda Patrol NFT

– The 4th – 8th highest ranked members with the role of u/Friendly Panda (Level 5) or higher will be granted a spot on the whitelist.

This group has an amazing backing by some huge solana whales from the Degen Ape Club along and SMB holders and investors. This is your chance, DO NOT MISS OUT! 🐼

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