How do we moon? We f**king YEET IT THERE!! Passively collect BUSD, JUST BY HOLDING!

In the golden age of meme coins, the YEET team thought.. why the fk not?

Lets create a meme token for the people, and by the people, with some juicy BUSD rewards along the way! We are starting simple. A simple website, a simple road map, a simple idea;

F*ing YEET IT. Once we start picking up steam the community will vote to make decisions about the future of YEETBucks!

The YEET team will make sure we send it in the right direction with your help!


📷Rewards 10% of all transactions goes back to holders in BUSD

📷Liquidity 3% of all transactions goes back to liquidity

📷Marketing 2% of all transactions goes to the marketing wallet


📷Rules 📷

📷 NO Fud

📷 NO Porn / Explicit Imagery

📷 NO Abuse / Harassment

📷 NO Ads / Promoting

📷 NO Spam


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