Popcorn has recently launched on INDC’s smart trading platform called Profit$. Popcorn Token has only a life span of 1 week and investors are hyped for this sweet buttery deal to dollar cost average for the aim of making profits!

⚙️ Buys and sells are only 10%. Once Popcorn runs it’s week long course, investors still holding any Popcorn will be able to exchange their tokens for INDC! Directly buy through pancake swap or the INDC dashboard. Popcorn Token also gives you indicators of when it’s profitable to buy or sell during the week through INDC’s dashboard.

Follow the links below and Join the TG there’s still time to get in on this popping chance for profits with Popcorn Token! 🔥🍿🔥🍿🔥🍿

Contract : 0x8d2324f2cb17573cdeaa266460748a119ed6691d

Сhart : https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x31e7c03999734506d098fec6fd6229a201d6b2e5

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/PopcornTokenINDC

INDC Website : https://Indc.app

DASHBOARD: https://indc.app/dashboard/profits/

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