If you ask me, it's just all trying to mimic reality with the promise of it being completely different, new and exciting. Just how your girl is before you get married thinking it's gonna be a lot of sex, laughing together, like the fucking movies have sold it. But talk to any married man, and you'll hear exactly what's real. What's real is that it's all exciting because it's new. Like a new relationship. But Douglass Rushkoff always said: the internet was supposed to be this new frontier separate from the real world. Currency was gonna be dismembered and reconfigured completely different from the regular stock market and general economics. But look at us today: the big designers and engineers just ended up making the internet, earth 2.0 and carrying over the norms of world economics and structure over to the internet. Giving programs to Wallstreet and banks etc. The same will happen with this new "VR" frontier and everyone will realize that they thought they were gonna be free but end up in just another shitty reality that feels less free than the actual realize – which by this point would be almost forgotten. The casualties of chasing our highs. These virtual worlds and frontiers are only great if they are not headed by corporations. Have you seen these 2 young projects: Atari Chain and SpaceRunners. Very dedicated teams and engaged communities.

Will you join the Metaverse?

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