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I just want to start off by saying I’m a long term member of the crypto community. I’ve seen countless shitcoins come and go, I’ve made money, I’ve lost money, I’ve seen massive companies topple. I was around for bitconnect, BTC SV, savethekids. I’ve seen a lot.

But I’ve never been more excited about a cardano based memecoin called CatJAM token. Now if you’re from the twitch community you’ll immediately recognize the name, but if not, this is basically the cat version of doge in the meme world. It spawned from the cat vibin to levan polka meme.

You guys, this is one of the first memecoins on the cardano network!

Why am I excited about it?

Several reasons. The first being, this coin is still in its infancy. It’s only a few months old, and the community is just starting to grow. What does that matter, you might ask. With a $5m market cap any investors can be considered early investors. Or even founders. There’s no official title with that, but all of the DOGE founders are millionaires as of now. So there is definitely a financial incentive.

Secondly, CatJAM token promises NOTHING. Wait a minute, how can I be excited about a coin that promises absolutely nothing? Well that’s just it. In almost all of the new coins I’ve seen the devs always promise a boat load and deliver a puff of smoke. No. Not CatJAM. This memecoin is all about sending good vibes. It’s a meme, after all. The community is very open and loving, and the telegram is filled with positive vibes.

Also, can we talk about that recent $8,000 to 5-BILLION dollar wallet on Shib? CatJAM is in the $8,000 phase.

Finally, this is the first time in my years of experiencing the rise and fall of various coins that I’ve had a hunch, a really deep gut feeling about something. There’s just something different about CatJAM, I can feel it. Oh.. that might’ve just been a hair ball.

Still, I highly recommend looking into this.

Obviously, this is not financial advice, and DYOR. Much love, and stay vibin’ friends!

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