Hey, my name is Chris. Today I would like to talk about CELO. So fasten your seat belts, we are starting!

Celo is a mobile-first platform that makes financial dApps and crypto payments accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Celo Network applications running on user’s mobile devices and it's a proof-of-stake (PoS) token used for transaction fees, governance participation and related activities.

Seems like DeFi 4.0 gives ability to use crypto market and DeFi environment as simple as possible for users globally

Download a mobile-first wallet or Celo wallet and start using Celo ecosystem. Metamask is appropriate for DeFi dapps.


– a16z

– Polychain Capital

– Coinbase

– Jack Dorsey

– others


– Marek Olszewski, VP of Engineering at GoDaddy, CTO at Locu, research assistant at MIT

– Rene Reisberg, VO, Emerging products at GoDaddy, working on global capital markets at Morgan Stanley , MBA in Entrepreneuship at MIT

– Sep Kamvar, ex-CEO of Kaltix, PhD in Scientific computing and computational mathematics at Stanford


– MC: $2.2b.

– Circulating supply: 326m, of 1b. tokens

– Fully Diluted Market Cap: $6.7b.

– Volume (24h): $55m.

How to earn?


– $CELO-$mcEUR – 48% APY

– $UCSD-$CELO – 124% APY

– $mcUSD-$mcEUR – 59% APY


– $cEUR-$wETH – 145% APY (869 SUSHI/day, 3644 CELO/day)

– $CELO-$wETH – 117% APY

– $cUSD-cEUR – 72% APY

You can find more of my ideas and DeFi project checking here https://t.me/defimr


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