The recent success of Loopring shows that many projects considered 'dead' are one piece of good news away from potential revival

Loopiring took three years to surpass its 2018 all time high.

Even during the insane crypto bull run at the beginning of the year, the price of LRC did not surpass $0.9 (around the time many were reaching and exceeding theirs). Up until about a week ago its ATH was just over $2. It currently sits at $2.6, down from a daily high of $3.00 and set a new ATH of $3.83 last week.

I am aware that the GME connection is huge news, but perhaps this should show you how a project's technology/ fundamentals might take slighlty longer than some to gain recognition – and that even a hint of adoption might send it flying. Just because it has been 'trading sideways' for some time, does not mean it is all over.

Congratulations to all those who accumulated prior to this news breaking: you're all clearly trading extraordinaires.

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