Have you tried the easiest to use crypto in the world? That's right, WEBDOLLAR = Simplicity.

Webdollar has the following:

Good user experience πŸ“·

Own wallet with smart integrated wallet πŸ“·


Accessible to everyone on the planet including non-tech people πŸ“·

Tips Rewards from Webdollar Community πŸ“·

Own blockchain, not a fork or copyπŸ“·

Staking with Pos100 ( Proof of Stake )πŸ“·

Great Passive Income for life πŸ“·

Fast, private, secure and cheap transfer between wallets πŸ“·

Native to the browser πŸ“·

100% Environmental friendly πŸ“·

Mineable Coin πŸ“·

Halving every 2 years not 4 years as Bitcoin and other Coins πŸ“·

Deflationary beating Bitcoin at its own game on deflation πŸ“·

Great Store of Value πŸ“·

Almost guaranteed future price increase with every halving πŸ“·


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