Stop freaking out over minor corrections, we basically went up for 38 days straight.

I cringe every time someone posts here freaking out over the recent correction. This is possibly one of the most minor things you can worry about right now. Crypto is a highly volatile market and it is expected to have a few corrections of 5-10% here and there.

This is even more true when the entire month of October was basically green including the first week of November. It is absolutely normal, and even healthy to have a few minor corrections on the way up. IMO, these dips are a great buying opportunity if you follow the pattern. These corrections are nothing compared to the -50% crash we had earlier this year.

To provide some perspective to the recent "crash" some people are worried about

It perfectly fits into the rising wedge pattern, if just look at the correction before Oct 21 (great buying opportunity there). This is absolutely nothing to worry about. If you are a newbie, you should look at this as a buying opportunity instead.

TLDR: It is crucial that you look at the bigger picture. Look at the trends, we had multiple of these corrections and they actually proved out to be a buying opportunity instead of a dip. The recent price action is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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