🧿 Sphere Of Olympia will start our BIG Marketing push Now! Get in before it’s too late! 🧿

⚑️ We will be the first MMORPG P2E on Binance Smart Chain ⚑️

Our holders are rewarded with BNB, and in the meantime they contribute to realizing what is the dream of many fans:

Create a strong Play 2 Earn, with 3D NFT !

A Play to Earn NFT adventure game built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary characters from Greek Mythology : journey across a vast and devastated world on your quest to battle the Olympians and the Mutants depending on your choice. Discover all the secret behind the Chaos and make the game storyline while playing.

An entertaining way to learn real Greek Mythology instead of reading tons of books, each character will refer to his exact historical past.

The Olympians and mortal had lived peacefully for millennia. The legendary God of War, Kratos (Greek: ΞšΟΞ¬Ο„ΞΏΟ‚), cursed with visions of his mortal past by Ares, decided to ally with the Titans in order to take revenge against all Olympians to come to an end. Kratos swears the end of Olympus but makes an inevitable mistake on the making.

πŸ”Ή Team Doxxed, KYC, Audit

πŸ”Ή Ingame NFT marketplace soon

πŸ”Ή Huge marketing budget (65 000$)

Olympia just announced its BIG Marketing week !

βœ… 30 BNB Buyback

βœ… 10 external AMA

βœ… Asian Marketing Shilling

βœ… CMC / CG Trending

πŸ’Ž LQ Lock on Pinksale


β€’ 12% tax on all transactions

⁃ 3% BNB Rewards

⁃ 3% Marketing

⁃ 2% Team and GameDev

⁃ 2% Add liquidity

🌐 Website – https://sphereofolympia.com/en/home/

πŸ—― Telegram – https://t.me/sphereofolympiaUS

πŸ“£ Twitter – https://twitter.com/SphereOfOlympia

CONTRACT: 0x79395a77c8ddbefb74f242242960cac7368fd64e

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