The King is here…All hail ShibaZillaVikings

Shiba zilla vikings is a unique reward reflection token that keeps giving back rewards for loyalty to its diamond hands.💰

The hype for vikings is here again. It’s another great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts like you and I to take advantage of the hype which is fuelled by ELON MUSK “most powerful” tweets and also print rewards in shiba Inu for as long as you HODL.

Shiba Inu on its own has seen a 60,000% rise since November 2020 and is taking the Crypto Space by a storm and Shiba zilla vikings is here to ensure the expansion of the shiba kingdom🏆. With tweets from ELON MUSK, we will be way up on Mons Huygens, the highest mountain on the moon 🚀

ShibaZillaVickings is not just your regular token. Its Doxxed developer has deployed the best hands in the crypto space to make this a huge success and a long lasting project. This is evident by the fact that we are currently trending No2 on Pinksale, have our contract developed & deployed by Trynos and have a lot of big influencers from all around the world eagerly waiting to promote us on Twitter, Telegram, YouTube etc. Starting with a launch price of $0.003, we will definitely be hitting $1,000 sooner than you expect.

What more can we say? Accumulating $SHZV in your wallets is the best financial advice you can give a loved one. Our UNIQUE NFTs are coming soon, this is going to be really crazy. A lot of millionaires are about to be made. All thanks to ShibaZillaVickings. Don’t miss out!

🚀 Tokenomics:

🤑 4% Rewards in $shiba

🔥 5% Marketing

💧 3% Liquidity pool

🚀 4% Buyback

Project Timeline:

🚀 Private presale: 40BNB (Sold Out)

🚀 Presale Hard Cap: 100BNB (Sold out in 10mins)

🚀 No2 Trending on Pinksale 🔥

🚀 Contract developer: Trynos

🚀KYC Badge from Pinksale

🚀Organic members on Telegram

🚀Long-term project.

Launch: Today, 7PM UTC




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