RBXchange – A cross-chain DEX that let's you trade any token across 10+EVM chains. Uncensored, unrestricted and unblockable.

P2P Fiat On/Off Ramp – Buy and sell crypto using 20+ different payment apps such as Cash App, PayPal, or Venmo all without the complexities of KYC.

Rocket Drop – A staking and farming platform allowing the creation of reward systems in virtually any imaginable permutation. Open to all vetted projects.

OTC Assist – An automated escrow interface allowing two ore more parties to conduct over-the-counter trades of virtually any digital asset.

RBX::Launch – A digital asset offering platform built to eliminate unscrupulous projects. Baked-in token locks, vesting schedules, automated vetting and more.

Multi-Chain Bridge – Bridge RBX and other assets to virtually any public EVM chain. Effortlessly convert assets between blockchains, including BTC,XMR,ETH and BNB.

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