Now,human interaction is becoming more virtual. Most businesses and individuals move their operations and relationships online.The Metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds that exist as digital extensions of the physical world.Metaverse is the bridge between physical and virtual reality. The STARL Metaverse protocol is a 100% community owned virtual space project where all users can interact, explore and trade virtual assets.In the STARL Metaverse, I can trade & develop virtual real estate, purchase & monetize digital assets. In the STARL Metaverse, I can stady listening to educational sessions and socialise by playing games.Goal for investing vEmpire in the STARL metaverse is to provide the community with the opportunity to fractionally own STARL Metaverse assets that would otherwise be out of us reach. This makes ownership of STARL assets more fair, transparent and efficient.Staking STARL on the vEmpire staking platform allows all users to earn returns on our STARL holdings passively, as well as earning both VEMP and STARL as a dual reward. Real money can be made in this virtual world.

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