MetaMatrix will be hosting a Whitelist Presale on Pinksale. The form is available now.

The project is combining the Metaverse concept with the NFT World and Matrix theme πŸ’Š

With the upcoming The Matrix Resurrections movie (22/12) all we can expect is an insane amount of hype!


The development team plans on creating an NFT tool that will allow any person even with no technical skills to create an NFT on their own and buy it with a tiny fee using the MetaMatrix tokens.



Another planned feature is to add an NFT Marketplace with the game-changing auction option. The highest bidder wins!

Buy tokenized products, and be part of a vibrant community.

MetaMatrix is a place where people can seamlessly establich a presence in a virtual world.

With no technical knowledge, users can create compelling virtual content for business or pleasure with the use of our unique editor and multi-functional tools.

For presale and launch dates please visit onE of our media channels!

And you? Which pill do you choose? πŸ”΄ or πŸ”΅

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