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Contract: 0x83eb957d32d08c206a61b8ecbd0bf29ac54e42a1

Devs have already bought and burned 2% of the supply before the app has even arrived!! Don't miss out on one of the biggest BSC projects ever!

Knvoy is a decentralized toolbox that is designed to provide solutions for the many disconnects that are (and will be) observed in modern trading systems. That is the core of the Knvoy platform, and will always be the primary focus.

The current disconnects we all experience every day make it difficult to perform some basic trades, and borderline impossible to perform others. The platforms we use tend to cater most to the charts provided by big market makers in the game, leaving newer projects / tokens / networks out of "the bubble" – which can lead to the untimely end of many legitimate and promising market projects. Knvoy aims to solve that issue by providing decentralized tools that read the raw blockchain as it is, leaving all discrimination behind, and using very real solutions to sort through the noise and give the most accurate results for traders to benefit from.

Why do you need a token for the app?

Anyone who needs to use these revolutionary tools will not be required to hold KNVOY tokens to gain access to Knvoy's toolbox. However, if you hold a certain amount of Knvoy tokens then you will be exempt from any premium requirements for access. Our goal is to become the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to trade crypto.

We have already begun branching into uncharted territories with our new ways of implementing safety features. We will be offering FREE full contract audits to projects that apply, and eventually these audits will happen automatically for all new projects in order to provide our community with the most information before trading.

In the interim, we will offer FREE listings for new projects that receive audits from us.

Why does this matter?

Knvoy is going to change the face of BSC. No more waiting for a project to release proof of an audit. No more waiting for a project to get listed on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. If a new launch token gets approved by Knvoy, it gets listed the same day!

Think all of that sounds pretty great?

There's more…

Knvoy will allow users to BUY and SELL directly on the app. This means that if you feel like taking profits while you're observing the chart, you can. If you want to buy the dip while staring at the chart. you can. No more bouncing around apps to check charts then opening a different app to buy and sell. Knvoy will do it all.

Let's talk about Knvoy Token for a minute.

What exactly is the purpose of Knvoy Token?

Our goal with Knvoy Token is to raise interest in the upcoming app and to help create liquidity for marketing and development. So in a sense it's a way to create community awareness and funding to develop the app.

How will this benefit you as an investor?

Knvoy Token will have a total supply of 1 Trillion tokens.

We are performing MAJOR BUYBACK AND BURNS regularly! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ What this means is that as the Knvoy platform expands and grows, we are taking a portion of the quarterly earnings and buy a chunk of Knvoy Tokens with the sole purpose of burning them. This will cause a major price increase during each quarter.

How about tokenomics?

– 1,000,000,000,000 Total Supply

– 3% buy tax (Goes to Marketing/Development)

– 8% sell tax (3% to Marketing/Development, 2% to Liquidity, 3% reflections)

Check out our website and join our Telegram group to learn more! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ We look forward to answering more questions and coming up with more ideas to make Knvoy more advantageous to each and every one of our users and investors.

Check it out today!



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