Yo guys! The SDAO Team currently runs a 600$ Giveaway even though it's not even Christmas yet! This is the first event of its kind for SDAO and plenty more will follow during the next couple of weeks, so make sure to follow the announcements to get free tokens!

TL;DR = SingularityDAO is an AI-driven crypto hedgefund and next-level DeFi Tool. There's a summary of the project right after the giveaway. Make sure to read it to see the moonshot potential of this project!!!


Use this link to participate in the giveaway!


The more tasks you do, the more entries you get! We will be glad to welcome you in our telegram groups, just search for SingularityDAO. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to either us community members or admins!


SDAO itself is the governane token of the platform – it will most likely have a lot of nice extras for holders in the future. You can buy into different sets of tokens, so called Dynasets (or as we in the community call them: Dinos) and the AI will trade the underlying assets for you, giving you access to professional traders behaviour while hodling. The first Dynaset (containing BTC and ETH) will be released in December. Right now you can stake your SDAO on the platform and provide liquidity. SDAO is also a launchpad for crypto projects with strong fundamentals (first token sale will happen tomorrow). Soon SDAO (currently ERC20 token) will be crosschain: BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cardano, etc. bridges are coming in the next weeks. December is going to be very busy with lots of events happening. The community expects massive gains! It's a spinoff project by SingularityNET which is one of the closest partners of Cardano. They even share offices in Ethiopia. SNETs token AGIX will be the first token to migrate from ETH to Cardano. Make sure to not miss out on this one! Memecoins are fun, but this project has very strong fundamentals. Our CTO is an ex-Microsoft machine learning expert which is only one example of how smart the team behind the Platform is! We as community members try to spread the word about it as much as possible!

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