The May crash was a real crash, this is nothing, and if you survived that please do yourself a favor and not paper hand your cryptos. The real bull run hasn't even started, I do not want anyone of you lads to be missing out on the inevitable parabolic run that is to come. These dips are necessary and healthy if we want a strong runup.

I bought throughout the May crash and this dip isn't giving me any red for those purchases of mine. I like this dip, so I can lower the average buys that I recently bought. You haven't lost anything unless you have sold in the red.

If this is your first crash, then stay collected and calm. These lows are needed for new highs, don't be the one selling your cryptos to the whale while they are scooping up during the red days. Stay strong and keep your diamond hands stronger.

Edit: P.S Not financial advice

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