FYI: I already tried posting this once but didn't have enough karma and the post got deleted. This is still something that's making me mad, so I'm retrying.

Basically, I'm currently in the process of buying a plot of land. I had all my money saved up in a "savings" account. To transfer that money I had to either pay a fee of 150$ to get the money in 2 days or wait 35 days to get it without the fee. There are blockchain projects out there that could do that for cents in under a minute… The banking system is complete garbage.

The reason why I put the "savings" account in quotation marks is because it's not like a real, long-term saving account. It's a shitty savings account that pays like 0.5% interest a year and is marketed as a tool to help students and lower class people save some money… Like what is the point of it? It's not even covering you from inflation. It's clearly made just to pump money out of you in case you have an emergency…

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