Before we start, this is not a shill by any means.

So, recently (2 days ago, I believe) there was this polemical thread about a coin named META, which claimed to reward you in SHIBA INU just by hodling it. OP got downvoted into oblivion for shilling the coin.

I’ve decided to invest 500$ into it, which granted me 45M $META Tokens. Money I’m willing to lose even if it is a rug pull. Needless to say you get 10% less your initial investment due to their contract (10% in buys, 15% in sales).

In 2 days, I got around 270k SHIBA INU tokens, BSC pegged. Decided to grab those tokens and transfer it to Binance. Those are real SHIBA INU tokens by the way.

People know they get rewarded according to volume of buys and sales of the token and this is what I got in 2 days, after investing 500$ (450$ in this case)

Like always, this is not a financial advice, and as always, do your research properly and don’t FOMO in.

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