The last 7 days have been an incredible ride for all those in the GnomeArmy. 5x Market cap, new ATH's, CoinGecko & CMC listing, 1000 holders, record staking returns and an incredible community committed to furthering GnomeToken.

In breaking news, we have agreed an OTC deal with a number of early investors. As such we’re able to BURN 7.5% of the TOTAL supply. Burn will take place 22:00 UTC 18th November.

But we're not taking our foot off the gas…

Consider the release of our next project. Since we love Gnomes so much, we thought it would be cool if everyone could design a unique Gnome NFT and mint it straight to our NFT marketplace. You'll be able to customise, name, mint, and then show off your Gnome. Each Gnome will be unique, but depending on the amount of GnomeToken you hold, different levels of customisation will be available. You'll be able to export your Gnome directly to OpenSea if you so choose!


7.5% transaction fee 🔹

0.2% burn per transaction 🔥

Supply: 1 Billon

By staking GNOME, hodlers receive rewards in BNB – you can stake and unstake at any time using our first class dApp. You can check our staking APY and ROI using our investment calculator (

This keeps the sell pressure low – by keeping reward earning user's tokens in the staking contract. Because users can refer friends to earn extra BNB, exponential growth is likely. That's right, we have an affiliate marketing system – the more people you refer to GnomeToken the more BNB you can earn.

Our DAO will maintain control of contract functionalities. Similarly, the marketing wallet is not controlled by 1 greedy developer. Ultimately, community signatories will be elected to ensure the completely fair and equitable running of GnomeToken.

GNOME offers complete transparency. No unexpected changes.

Our other features and accomplishments:

Fiat Gateway to purchase BNB on – our partnership with Onramper will help us onboard new gnomes!

GnomeSwap – allowing users to buy ₲nomeToken without leaving the gnomer-verse.

Staking – – users can stake or unstake GNOME at any time!

DAO – Don't like the way something is going? Have an idea? Create a proposal in the GNOME DAO and have it brought to life.

Dedicated information repository, providing an overview of crypto, breaking down difficult concepts, and a run through of what makes Gnome unique:

Brought to you by a dedicated UK-based multi-disciplinary team.

Enlist in the Gnome Army today!

How to buy?:

✅ Website:

✅ Telegram:

✅ Twitter:


Unique BNB staking rewards mechanism

NFTs design studio & marketplace

Real transparency

High quality project, high quality team

You're early

Meme folder growing daily

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