Challenges in the Crypto Space: ⁃ Finding reliable and effective crypto services in the crypto space ⁃ Devs end up getting scammed and or tied up with middlemen ⁃ No centralized platform for Crypto services ⁃ No vetting system to verify influencers / promoters for their services

Until today..

Imagine a hybrid of Fiverr and Upwork, but tailor-made for the cryptocurrency realm.

Introducing Timerr: a revolutionary one-stop-shop marketplace for crypto promoters, influencers, NFT Designers, developers, and more.

A more granular look at the Timerr Marketplace:

• Service providers can list their unique services. These providers are vetted by the Timerr team – and the extent to which they have been audited and vetted by the platform is clearly and transparently indicated.

• Potential clients can receive quotes for products and services in the crypto space and liaise with prospective contractors.

• Crypto experts can receive reviews for work done, and can log verified data on past performances, so potential customers can have a clear overview of contractors’ track records.

• Service providers lacking a large social network have equal opportunities of securing work – the emphasis is on what providers bring to the table, and not who they know.

• Transactions and payments between token developers and service providers can take place securely.

Timerr will have a BEP-20 Token called $Timerr and tokenomics are below:

There are two methods by which users – both purchasers and service providers – can access Timerr’s services outlined above:

💥Either by holding certain amount of Timerr Tokens 💥Holding a specialized Timerr NFT.

Get whitelisted in the upcoming presale of Timerr on November 20, 2021 at 19:00 UTC. Whitelist winners can participate in the Presale .

Whitelist winners will be announced on November 19, 2021 at 20:00 UTC in our group/channels below.

Join URL:


TOP SHILLERS ALSO GETS A PIECE OF $500. (Top 1 – $250; Top 2 – $150; Top 3 – 100)

Website: LinkedIn – Telegram: Twitter: YouTube:

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