Our mind is gradually and confidently conquering the virtual world. But real money can be made in this virtual world.

Betting and profit across the Metaverse

32 million of the 96.25 million VEMPs launched in IEO & ILO are already in vEmpire DDAO. This not only allows the community to vote, but also bets on VEMP for xVEMP, which allows you to profit from assets in SAND, MANA, STARL and AXS Metaverses, along with several smaller earlier stage projects in our Ethereum strategy such as Treeverse, Influenceth. Passive income NFTs like SpacePunks.

Here you can create your own empire and make great money at the same time.

– Trading Card ideas/themes.

Each faction has a finite deck, featuring a certain number of cards in total. There are multiples of every card except the named soldiers and Heroes. When playing a game, the player will choose a “Legion” of a total of 30 cards, and their hand is randomly assigned 15 cards from their Legion. All players will start with at least one of every regular card, plus a basic version of the faction leader.

By playing, I will earn.

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