Hi guys, this is this dev's 5th project, the guy is safe, has a lot of supporters, his last project did 345x.

Liquidity locked for 1 month, if needed we'll extend for another month.

Started with a low Market Cap around 1k, this is the dev's call channel: https://t.me/makkkscalls .


-—— 5% BTC rewards – the more draMATIC tokens you hold the bigger are your rewards, also in order to even more rewards the Market Cap needs to get bigger, that's why holding and buying the dips until you reach a max wallet will make your MATIC balance HUGE thanks to our project.

-—— 5% Auto-Liquidity – we need a stable chart and less volatile as the Market Cap will be growing, that's why we'll allocate 5% of taxes to go directly into our liquidity pool.

-—— 5% Marketing – for token advertising, listings etc.

-—— 5% Charity – let's do something GOOD using the BSC network.

Regular giveaways and contests.

Plans for marketing + fast roadmap:

  • – Pin posts in telegram channels/groups.
  • – CMS Trending,
  • – Listing on coinhunt, coinsniper, coinhunters etc.
  • – Poocoin ads (everyday).
  • – Dextools trending.
  • – Social media Influencers.

and much more

Don't forget, when we'll get higher MC and enough money in the marketing wallet we'll expand. The only good things our project does right now is give you free MATIC for holding and charity for poor people but I think that should be a good motivation.

Other information:

– Total supply: 100,000,000,000

– Max Transaction (Buy/Sell) – 1% – 1,000,000,000 Tokens

– Max Wallet – 3% – 3,000,000,000 Tokens


Initially they wanted to have MATIC rewards but the contract with MATIC rewards wasn't working when they tested it on the testnet so they changed to BTC rewards.

There is a nice entry point right now!

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