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  • Being true to our name we created a revolutionary new system where everybody , regardless of their financial resources, can increase their wealth on our network
  • We are building a platform where members can safely store their crypto earnings, invest in promising new projects, explore-create-trade in the whole crypto ecosystem and earn playing fun games
  • Presale 18 november
  • App will start with basic features, and will add new features overtime. Gaming, Marketplace, News and a Launchpad. Get all info in littepaper and whitepaper (links at end of post)

What is xRHP

  • xRHP is a frictionless token with a self-generating income mechanism, which means the more you hold the more you earn
  • Also as a reward for being part of our community, members will receive, for free, a percentage of our second token xHow(HoodWings)
  • This second token has no taxes, is suitable for day to day transactions, participating in our LaunchPAD program, and can be used for buying and selling NFT’s on our application

Our members can use our network to increase their wealth by:

  • Enjoying play-to-earn games that partnered with our protocol
  • Creating and trading NFT’s
  • Using a unique wallet that will help them trade coins across all platforms
  • Simply holding our tokens and getting a portion of the transaction fees sent directly to their wallet
  • Investing is new projects (IDO.s) early and gaining huge profits when they launch on the market
  • Receiving dividends

All in one revolutionary application that will give you WINGS.

WINGs wallet features

  • Integrated PancakeSwap and Uniswap trading directly in the wallet
  • Alzheimer Proof option: in Custodial Accounts you can enable one of our most innovative feature. With it, all your coins can be transferred automatically to another wallet (family, trusted friend) if you don’t log in for a predetermined period of time (e.g. 1 year) in case you forget or lose the password and keys
  • Buy Bitcoin and other crypto using a debit or credit card
  • Use FaceID, TouchID or conventional passwords to protect your crypto investments
  • A non-custodial version, which means that only YOU control access to your crypto and private keys.
  • Check your transaction history, crypto balance and other details on your device

One of the design goals of the wallet was to have an easy interface suitable for any kind of user, as not everyone has the same level of experience with technology.

Thus, reaching and targeting more people for usage and adoption.

Tokenomics βš–οΈ

– Tier 1 -first 25% holders- 10% fees

– Tier 2 -Middle 50% holders- 9% fees

– Tier 3 -Last 25%- 8% fees

– 2 tokens, 2 liqudities, 1 burning wallet

– 30% supply burned at launch

– Fees: Reflection, xRHP and xHOW liquidity, charity and burn

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