When we speak about cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin, we’re talking about a huge technological/financial revolution. And this is where some of the haters try to attack, as they claim that the technology behind crypto isn’t as efficient as claimed, or they even start offending crypto for being ecologically harmful.

However, that wasn’t the case for too long. Why? Simply because the tech behind this revolution is one of the fastest to improve, and solutions were easily created. For example, Bitcoin was the probably the most attacked cryptocurrency by criticisms, and that’s obviously for its huge ecosystem and its recognition as the most famous in this market.

Those critics had to be shut down so quickly when Bitcoin forks found solutions to the problems they’re pointing at. Bitcoin Latinum for example was able to lower the transactions fees, and to create a greener approach to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

I know this is still the early age of blockchain, crypto, and everything related to them, but this technology is dealing very well with all the circumstances, and it’s one of the most improving within the past few years. Imagine how advanced it will be in the upcoming years.

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