Good day Binoville! A new NFT batch is right around the corner, dropping our new GOLD BINOSAURS for our diamond hands! You will be able to mint them for 0.07 BNB if you hold a minimum amount of 30,000 tokens💰! With the mint you will be automatically in the lottery where one lucky holder wins 7 Bnb!!!!

There will be a 1000 GOLD BINOSAURS available, grab some tokens before that… 👀

Why should I mint a Ronnie “HODL for GODL” Reflective NFT?

Ronnie is Binoville’s resident degenerate. He’ll gamble on anything and everything. The crazy

thing is, the guy just can’t lose! He’s a winner nearly every damn time it seems!

You see, the secret sauce within the NFTs is the metadata tied to the specific token. Each token has permanent data points like rarity, level, # of NFTs owned, # of BinoTokens owned, et all. We can use all of those data points within the Binoville ecosystem to allow special access (Prehistoric Club), give discounts on purchases (MoonBinos), and add status points to future characters in development.

Minting a Ronnie NFT is valuable for three reasons. First, each NFT is a chance to win 10% of the total prize pool. At .07 BNB per NFT, you’ve got a chance to grab nearly 7 BNB. Second, these Ronnies carry value by their weight and rarity. With new functionality coming nearly everyday in Binoville, there’s no limit to what we can do with these data points. Boost traits for characters, allow access to special areas within Binoville (maybe a casino—Ronnie’s favorite place—for example). Third, each Bino Minted contributes to the development and secures additional yield to then generate greater development, more powerful platform, and get us one step closer to the open world game.

When you mint a Binosaur, you’re getting the early access to a world that is developing before our eyes, in record time.

Tutorial video for minting will also drop at launch, stay tuned for that!

More things coming up! Stay tuned 🚀🔥

Countdown for drop:

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