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SoftCap: 200 BNB | HardCap: 400 BNB

Presale Rate: 1 BNB = 100,000 $APEFUND Tokens

ApeFund is The First "Social Investment Community" Token. A Private Community for the True BSC Apes.

1️⃣ Community Driven

A strong community of Veteran Crypto Investors. Tokens will be discussed, reviewed and a consesus vote will be decided on

2️⃣ Vested Interest

Everyone in the community is invested in the community's success, and gets to participate in the upside the value the community creates.

3️⃣ Unique Insight

Shark Tank-style pitches from Token Founders for the Community to get more insight.

✔️ Join the Ape Fund Community

Hold at least 10,000 $APEFUND Tokens to get access to the Private Community on the ApeFund Discord Server.

✔️Earn & Invest as a Community

By holding $APEFUND, you will earn 10% of reflections in BUSD, which are encouraged to be invested in community chosen projects.

✔️Connect, Discuss & Learn

Learn from other members, get access to exclusive AMA's/Presentations from founders of other Tokens and Projects.

✔️Consensus Voting

Voting will occur on Voting will be conducted on which token to vote on. As a community, we will look for Founders of tokens to pitch us (1-2 week).

✔️ Ongoing Review of Investments

The community will vote bi-weekly on the status of the currently held investments (Buy, Sell, Hold).


➡️ Reflections: 10% in BUSD

Earn 10% of all transactions as an ApeFund member. Deploy the reflections in our weekly community buys. Reward is in BUSD.

➡️OpEx & Marketing: 3%

3% goes to our Operational Expense and Marketing Fund to keep the Ape Fund fully operational.

➡️ Auto-Liquidity: 2%

2% of all transactions are locked into the Liquidity Pool to keep it steadily growing.

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