Titano is launching the new frontier of staking tokens which will literally change the way token holders become Stake holders.

By introducing an innovative holding system which include a positive rebase formula, Titano is creating a new type of elastic token, named $TITANO.

Thanks to its feature, Titano is able to furnish the highest APY in the DeFi market which is worth 102,483.58% APY.

🔎 What is the $TITANO Token?

The $TITANO Token is an elastic token which through a positive rebase formula allow $TITANO holders earn staking rewards just by holding the token.

🔎 How much is the APY generated?

Titano is bringing the HIGHEST APY in the market 102,483.58% which is worth a daily ROI (Daily Return Of Investment) of 1.8999%.

🔎 How the APY is sustainable?

The elevated interest is sustained by the RFV (Risk Free Value) which receive from the token trading volume a percentage dedicated to create a collateral value for the generated APY which will back the Positive Rebase.

🔎 How to Stake?

Titano has created the innovative AutoStaking token which bring to users a simpler way to receive staking rewards. The only thing to do is to hold $TITANO in your wallet and you will automatically receive staking rewards.

Audit by Solidity.finance Ready***.***

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🟦 Usefull Links:

💬 Telegram: https://t.me/titano_finance

🌎 Website: https://titano.finance

📃 Docs: https://docs.titano.finance

➡️ Presale Contest: https://titano.finance/presale-whitelist/
📜 Audit: https://solidity.finance/audits/Titano/
🌐 Discord : https://discord.gg/WvR2HSbbWQ

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