Welcome to GameVerse
Bringing all your favourite games to the P2E stage
Telegram – https://t.me/GameVerseBSC

Twitter – https://twitter.com/GameVerseBSC

GameVerse is creating a P2E platform with a catalogue of games which if you top the leaderboard, you win huge prizes.
This may not sound new but the way GameVerse is doing it is. These games will be a mixture of familiar rebranded classic games like Fruit Ninja, Flappy Bird, Cookie Clicker, Tetris and many many more.
But anyone can win! Even if you're not a holder you can play and be rewarded. However if you win as a non-holder you only receive 10% of the prize pot with the remaining pot going to our lucky holders through our regular Holders Lotteries!
Through this system we can encourage everyday mobile gamers to play our games, drive traffic and therefore revenue through ads and in-game purchases which will be in turn shared back to our community through our BuyBack and Reward Scheme.
There is a private sale competition on-going with over 250 applicants so far! 50 spots have been given but there's plenty more to go around along with the share of $1000 in shilling rewards!

Long term vision, roadmap with a GameFi Launchpad and the creation of our own games studio.
Here are some key highlights of GameVerse and what to expect:

✅ Whitepaper out

✅ Doxxed Dev (KYC before private sale)

✅ Website in Development

✅ Holder Lotteries

✅ Private Sale Competition

✅ $1000 in prizes available!
Jump in the Telegram to find out more!

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