💎 AvengersCoin will start our CMC/GC Marketing push Now! Get in before it’s too late!

🤫 We are the first Avengers themed project born with real utility

Our holders are rewarded with BTC, and in the meantime they contribute to realizing what is the dream of many fans:

The first true Avengers themed game based on the mechanics of Magic The Gatherin!

-🚀 Trending on PINKSALE

-🎤2 AMAs made before presale and many others in the program on popular channels!

-🖋Team composed solely and exclusively of professionals in the crypto and videogames sector

-📑 Many upcoming NFTs that will be the basis for our Marketplace!

-💎Buyback wallet to support the token price

-💰We have already made contact with several CEXs for the first listings

-🌐 Big influencers have already started talking about us and others will be joining in the next few hours

-🏴‍ Team wallet vested, our tokens are locked on PINKSALE therefore RUGPULL FREE

💎 AvengersCoin – the first AVENGERSCOIN NFT GAME


• 15% tax on all transactions

⁃ 7% BTC Rewards

⁃ 6% BB&MKT


• LP Locked For 1 Year

🌐 Website – https://avengerscoin.finance/

🗯 Telegram – https://t.me/avengercoin

📣 Twitter –https://twitter.com/Avengers_coin_

CONTRACT: 0xd18588422604e8b923a047319c61f36b934d5bf6

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