SUBX Finance Lab has seen rapid growth since the start of their operations during the month of May 2021. With over 100+ startups served; they are one of Singapore’s fast rising blockchain companies.

What do they do? πŸš€

SUBX Finance Lab (SFX) specializes in blockchain-as-a-service for businesses to integrate web3 technologies into their products and services.

They have empowered multiple businesses to adopt and integrate blockchain into their own system. SFX products enable businesses to integrate blockchain, metaverse, and decentralized finance technology in a simple, fast, and cost-efficient manner.

Trusted by more than 100+ startups πŸ”₯

Since the start of their operations in May 2021, they have been consulting for startups on how to integrate blockchain to their own systems. Now with more than 100+ startups served, SUBX Finance Lab is one of the fastest growing blockchain companies in Singapore.

$SFX Token as a Medium of Exchange for their Products πŸ’ͺ

SUBX Finance Lab is launching their own token ($SFX), which will serve as a medium of exchange in purchasing their products. Businesses will have to pay with their own $SFX Token to be able to use and acquire SFX Products and services. This makes $SFX always in demand, increasing the buying pressure of this token.

$SFX Certik Pre-Audited Contract πŸ”’

The contract that $SFX is based on, is pre-audited by both CertiK & Hacken to ensure the best security that everyone deserves from legitimate projects. They have also obtained a team KYC certification from SolidProof – yes, the team have self-doxxed!

SUBX Finance Lab will have a presale of their Token on the 20th of November πŸš€

Check out SFX Website for their Presale Countdown. Don’t forget to add it to your Calendars! πŸ”₯

Do join their Discord, Telegram and r/subxofficial and ask any questions u may have. The team is absolutely transparent and responsive!



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