Launched 11/12 ~ Liquidity Locked for 6 Months | $$ Weekly + Daily Contests | Token Utility in development | Next GM and GN – potential of x100 | Basic info post, DYOR | ERC-20 Token

Welcome to Not Much

Gm reddit, I would like to present the Not Much token on ETH that launched earlier today. At launch base liquidity was 20 ETH, in the next hour it had a ~$1m volume, it's really crazy.

Some of the most important links:




📈 Chart:

🔃 You can buy it on uniswap:

Contract: 0x822D139B661ea5613F46f6f309b6b7a5517C60a7

As of now we know that the team is looking to hire a full-time Community/Marketing Manager, working with influencers and building out their first contests. The Not Much team is working hard on the backend and finding utility for this token, and plan to release their whitepaper outlining specifics. Brand ambassador partnerships and other plans to use the marketing/dev tax.

We are aiming to go as high as GM and GN recently did.

Very simple tokenomics:

Very early roadmap that is subject to changes:

  • Fair Launch on Uniswap – done ✅

  • Shilling + Memes – 24/7 ✅

  • Etherscan, CMC & Coingecko – done ✅

  • Global Marketing & PR – ongoing ✅

  • Token Utility – in progress

  • Release NFT Collection – in progress

  • Become #1 MemeCoin – in progress

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